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All conventional cotton sheets were marked with inflated thread counts and felt like sandpaper. To add to this 100% cotton marked on the packaging did nothing to talk about the fibre quality or the chemicals that went into it. Upon researching she realized that conventional cotton is full of pesticides and other potential carcinogens like formaldehyde. Digging further, she was shocked to know that the average life of the cotton farmer was 35 years on account of use of pesticides and purchase of GMO, patented seeds. This further cemented her idea that organic (free of any toxins from farm to fabric) was the way forward. Ami has a bachelor’s in mass media from Mumbai University and has majored in Branding and Advertising. Having worked in the marketing department of a bedding brand before, she realized there was a need for natural, healthier alternatives to synthetics.The team comprises of Ami and 3 others handling operations, finance and PR. While the Everyday Luxury collection is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and the Lyric collection comprising of hand block prints are inspired by travel, from Kashmir to Colorado, Cambodia to Iran. Each range is an ode to travel and draws from people, places and cultures. Amouve is a brand certified under GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which is the highest and most rigourous standard for organic textiles. The vision of the brand is to provide a luxurious and honest sleep experience at an affordable price. Right from the fact that it is GOTS certified organic to the use of single ply yarns that feel inherently smoother than conventional cotton, Amouve is a feeling to create a calm and relaxed haven when it comes to sleep.

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